Community Transformation and Development Institute(CTDI)

Duhumurizanye Iwacu Rwanda-DIR (comfort each other in one’s neighborhood) is a Rwandan non‐governmental organization created on in 2011 by sociotherapy facilitators who had been trained in 2008 in response to the 1994 Tutsis genocide and its endured impact involving trauma‐related issues. The organisation is playing a key role in the healing and reconciliation among the most genocide‐affected communities through sociotherapy groups in various villages located in Bugesera and Gatsibo Districts of Eastern Province of Rwanda.  The organization pioneered the use of sociotherapy as a tool to bring sustainable unity and reconciliation among and between Rwandan communities, in particular between genocide survivors and genocide perpetrators. Furthermore, DIR is one of the Rwandan NGOs with a mandate of working together with communities in order to facilitate processes that assist in promoting equity within the communities and developing capacity‐building programs aimed at transforming the society. DIR is  supporting the Rwandan Governement on the psychosocial care  of Congolese refugees living in Rwandan refugee camps.